Senja Ice Arctic Norway

Senja Island lies between Tromso and Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway. Its about the size of Anglesey in the UK. Along its western coastline the land is seemed with Fjord after breath taking fjord. These steep sided glaciated valleys have monster ice falls falling from there pointed summits. The area is full of amazing looking mountains and for the winter climber its paradise. With doubt some of the best new winter lines Ive ever made first ascents of. After 3 weeks last season I vowed to return again this coming winter. If your looking for adventure, climbing and experience some of the best scenery Norway has to offer look no further.

Ski and Climb Combo
Senja is a world class winter venue also its has incredible ski touring. You are very unlikely to see another person on this remote island. It has skiing from Summits to the beach. Climbing stunning pointed peaks with powder snow descents. The combo is a nice way of experiencing both sports in this wild areana.

The Climbing
Senjas is a perfect place for all types and levels of winter climbers. Theres road side ice falls, mixed climbs, long gullies to summits and jagged ridges that end in conical summits. Generally we climbed ice last season and there was no shortage of climb in good condition. Its like a super Scotland without the big walk ins and better weather. Its even possible to make climbs by boat. A local fisherman land you close to amazing ice climbs along the sides of the fjord. Most climbs are Scottish 3 upwards but if you are a beginner theres some fantastic steady climbs and ridges to be climbed, If you enjoy mixed climbing the area is in its infantcy and prime for development.

Like the Alps you can find endless ice by the road side and of every angle. Weather it be long easy routes or steeper more challenging climbs. There are many climbs that start on the beach , which is quite unusual. General walk ins are 10min to an hour max. So if you want an easy day you dont have to walk far or get up yoo early! The ice is often in good condition and fat as to take the biggest icescrews. Its an ideal place to learn the basics of the sport and concentrate on climbing rather than walking. There are hundreds of cascades.

Gully Climbing

Without doubt one of the most impressive gully climbing areas Twid has visited. The quality and abundance is astounding. Its like Scotland on steroids. You are spoilt for choice. Its like Scotland in the best ever condition with short walks. Most gullies also summit on stunning peaks with steady walks off the back

Ridge Climbing and General Winter Mountaineering

If you enjoy summiting on fine pointy peaks that run along the edge of huge Fjords, big views of the sea to endless snowy islands. Senja has it all. Its an ideal place for enjoying general walking up peaks that all look like the Matterhorn but have an easier side. Most peaks are around 800m high so the days are long enough to feel like a big day but not huge that you feel wasted the following morning. Its possible to link summits and journey long distances.