Achievements as a Mountaineer and Climber

Personal Achievements
Started mountaineering with father at an early age. Mike has climbed at a high standard on Ice, Rock, Big Walls and Alpine Summits for over 20 years. He regularily climbs to E6 and has climbed over 75 E7/8 graded routes, many 8a graded climbs made. Winter climbing has been a major part of Mikes Climbing. 20 years working /climbing in winter both in Scotland and the Alps. Mike has climbed many of the worlds classic Hard Ice Climbs. Climbing in the Alps from 14 years old, Mike has made many Major ascents including : North Faces of Eiger, Grand Jorasses Mont Blanc, Dru, and Marmalada.

He has climbed major Expedition New routes around the world. Countries he has climbed in over the last 20 years include: Pakistan (3 Expeds), Alaska (10 Expeds), Patagonia (7 Expeds), Baffin(2), Venezuala, Borneo, Norway, Mali (2 Expeds), Madagascar, Mexico, Extensively in the US/Canada, Austrailia, China, Caucas, Morocco, Peru and most European Countries.

In 2003 he was nominated for the prestidgous ‘Piolet D’Or’ for making a first ascent in Alaska, of the ‘Super Dupa Coulio
Achievements as a Climber and Mountaineer
Rock Climbing

Rock climbed from an early age first leading Extremes at 16 yrs of age. Have climbed E7 British grade for 20 years. Enjoys pushing his mental and physical boundaries. Climbing serious trad routes and Red Pointing to 8a French grade. Highlights:
100’S E6 and 75+ E7/8 graded climbs all around UK. Included. Vitalstatics E8, Super Calabrese E8, Hard back Thesaurus, E8, Hollow Man E8 (all North Wales), Perfect Monsters E7 (Mingulay)
Many 8a Red points in North Wales and Mexico. ‘Statement of Youth’ 23 yrs ago.
Over 12 new long routes in Mali, Africa.1ST British Team to visit area
New routes in the Tarasorno Massif, Madagascar. 1st British Team to visit.
Climbing on a remote Tepui (Rock Tower) in Venezuela.
Climbing ‘The Nose’ in a day on El Cap, Yosemite.
Early Repeat of the ‘Fish’ on the Marmalade in the Dolomites. One of hardest Alpine Rock routes of the day.
1st British Team to Visit the Super route area of Taghia Morocco.
1st Ascent of Big Wall out of ‘Lowes Gully’ Borneo. 1st Expedition to live stream to the web.
Ice Climbing
From a hill walking background and climbing in the Scottish Mountains in winter with his father Mike developed a love for Snow and Ice climbing. Mike has extensively climbed in Scotland in winter for most of his life. Climbing many grade 7 and grade 8 (VIII) routes on ice as well as mix climbs. For 20 winters was based from Glen Coe in Scotland during the winter running ice climbing and winter mountaineering courses. He has climbed many new routes across Scotland. Ben Nevis being one of Mikes favourite Mountains to climb on. Mike has also cascade climbed extensively in the Alps over the last 7 years. Running Guided trips in the Italian, Swiss and French ice climbing areas. Mike regularly climbs at French grade 6 and often Guides at this standard. Highlights:

1ST Ascent of ‘Scrabble’ VIII Corrie Nan Lochan Scotland.
‘Octopussy’ Colorado M8. One of the hardest mixed routes in the world at the time.
‘Ames Ice Hose and Bridal Vail’VI Colorado.
‘Pilsner Pillar’ VI Canada.
‘Super Dupa Coulior’ Alaska. 3 days of climbing.
‘Repentance’ Cogne Italy VI.
Alpine Climbing
Alpine climbing combines the best of all the mountaineering pursuits. Rock, Ice and mixed climbing techniques combined with the seriousness of being in the ‘Bigger hills’ . Mike’s apprenticeship was with his father and Merseyside Mountaineering club. He started climbing major routes in the Alps from 18yrs old and enjoys still adventuring around the many Alpine regions. Through is Guiding he has been able to inspire many young climbers and climb with some of the best British Mountaineers of his generation. Stuart McAleese, Nick Bullock, Neil Brodie, Mark Thomas and John Bracey. In the past he has teamed up with British Climbing Celebrities like Dai Lampard, Phil Thornhill, Shaun Hudson, Andy Perkins, Gerry Gore and his Wife! He has learnt about having fun, commitment, enjoying camaraderie as well as living ‘The life of the Climber’. He has enjoyed every minute and will do so in the future! Notable ascents in the Alps

Schasplana 3600m Austria with parents at 12.
Badile North Face 18yrs.
Walker Spur, Bonnatti Pillar, Freney Pillar, Divine Providence, Attack du Choc- 1990.
‘Croz Spur’ in winter Grand Jorasse.
‘Fish’ free climbed. Point Marmalada in the Dolomites.
North Face of the Eiger in Winter