Lyngen Alps Ski Touring

Lyngen Alps is a mountain range East and easy access from Tromso Airport. The range covers 1500 sq km of the large thin Lyngen Peninsula, which at times is only 10km wide. The Peninsula is covered in large pointed mountains and over 124 summits over the 1000m height in this ARCTIC Region (69 degrees north). Either side of the mountains are two long Fjords Ullsfjorden and Storfjordan. Eithersi fjord has roads and many venues are accessed by boat to gain that feeling of solitude. There are many great ski tours to suit the season and conditions that you find in the winter/spring snow pack. Its possible to ski tour from March to Mid May with good reliable ski conditions. The excellent ski Touring Guide ‘The Lyngen Alps’ covers all the major ski tours and winter climbs, authored by Sjur Nesheim and Eivind Smeland.

Whats great about Lyngen?

  • Skiing from fine looking summits to the waters edge.
  • Spectacular views of the large Arctic range and the feeling of remoteness.
  • Reliable snow conditions with a good chance of late season powder skiing and sold spring snow to make your own signature in the snow.
  • A range of steep and deep valleys to ski.
  • No noise from roads or Helicopters.

Based from a either a self catering apartment/chalet or in a local Hotel convient to the ski areas. Each day the team will choose a ski tour to suit the aspirations and conditions of the group. There are many mountains to choose from including: The Storgalten and Stortinden Range; The Kvasstinfellet Massif; The Viedalstindane and Stovelfellet Range; The Isskardtindane Massif;The Kjostindane Massif; in the Northern part of the Peninsula. In the Southern ranges The Jiehkkevarri;Balggesvarri; Jeiknevahgasi; Lakselvtindane; Moskaluovtcohkat; Piggtinden massifs just to name a few!

Who for?
The Lyngen Alps offers ski Touring for all levels and fitness’s of skiers. The skiing will all require skinning up hill for at least 2-3 hours each day to summits with some days longer than others. Its possible to climb over 1000m a day, but then the ski is longer!

Getting to Tromso then Lyngen
There are many major airlines including Norwegian, SAS and Lufthansa who all have regular flights each day to Tromso. Tromso being the major City in the area, along with a oil port, has a major airport and excellent local fascilities and shops. The team will arrive at Tromso airport then hire a vehicule and head off on the 2 hour to the Lyngen area. From the UK there are flights from Edinbrugh, Manchester, Heathriow and Gatwick to Oslo where the connecting flights, generally, meet to fly north to Tromso.