Learn to climb

If you have always fancied hanging out in stunning locations, experiencing some exhilerating excerise and enjoying an adventure with a friend. Rock climbng is the sport for you. Many people enjoy the scrambling on the British mountains and need the skills of a rock climber to take them to more adventurous places ,some walkers need the ropework for safety. Climbing walls now provide a fun way into the sport. Many indoor climbersneed the outdoor climbing safety ropework and judgement which is impossible to gain on an indoor wall. Twid can provide progressive courses to allow climbers to gain experience safely to become self sufficient for themselves.

Suggested Programme
The programme will be a progressive coaching course improving climbers awareness and skills of the sport. The aim is to progress the climber to a point of confidence to climb by themselves without super vision. All the ropework for leading, belaying, anchoring, leading strategy, Mental training, Runners, Abseiling and retreat, use of guide books, movement and bouldering coaching.

Twid can offer climbing courses across the whole country and most European destinations. UK North Wales, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, Lakes, The Peak and Scotland are popular venues. Twid offers hot rock sports climbing in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Greece. For Trad camps Twid climbs mainly in the Uk, Morocco, Norway, US and Patagonia.