Leonidio -Stathopoulos Apartments Sabatiki

Stathopoulos Apartments Mrs Rena

Stathopoulos Apartments +306945235821 renasabatiki@yahoo.com www.sampatikistudios.gr

Rena runs the ultimate climbers place to stay in Sabatiki. The small port of Sabatiki is a few minutes North of Leonidio. The apartments are set back from the beach by 100m in a pleasant quadrangle of trees, flowers and bushes. Its a perfect safe place for a family base. The apartments are well stockedwith all you will need in the kitchen and bathroom. The apartments vary but generally have a lounge and two bedrooms a real bonus if you need real rooms to keep the kids quiet! Rana speaks perfect english and is happy to recieve phone calls instead of you going though Booking.com.She is open all year round. Theres always a bunch of climbers and families there. Theres a small Bar in the village but its not often open. Hard to beat.


Stathopoulos Apartments +306945235821 ranasabatiki@yahoo.com