Big Wall Guiding

Big Wall climbing has been a passion of Twid’s since 1989 on his first Big Wall trip. He has climbed Big Walls all over the World. Starting in Yosemite, Black Canyon and Colarado in the US he progressed to Big Walls in the Greater Ranges. He has made Ascents in Pakistan, Baffin, Greenland, Norway, Alps, Morocco, Mali, Madagascar, Venezuala, Mexico , China , Patagonia and Alaska. Twid runs Expeditions every year and can organise Guided Expeditions for clients attempting first ascents. He has run training courses for Big Wall climbing for almost 20 years. Twid has been a member of the BMC expedition committee, for 25yrs, offer advice and ideas to other climbers.

Venues for Guided Adventures

Patagonia Big Walls :Twid has some very good unclimbed walls which he could Guide. 3 Week trip. Torres del Paine.

Greenland: Summer months Tasmuit Fjord

Morocco: Taghia or Anti Atlas

All guided trips are bespoke as generally the venue matches the clients experience and aspirations. Previous Expeditions have included remote areas like Morocco, Alaska and Patagonia were there is an element of exploration. Climbing first ascents and living on the walls on portaledges or biviing on rock and snow ledges. Twid is happy to head to warm locations like Morocco, Brazil, Venezuala, Madagascar or Greece to make first ascents of Big Walls with trad protection or sports routes with bolts (where traditionally bolts are accepted). Its as much fun travelling to these remote areas as is the climbing.

Training courses can be run in the UK or Alps.
Training areas of ropework, moving fast, aid climbing, hauling, living on a wall(portaledges), ascending ropes and descending Big Walls.

Free Big Walls Taghia Morocco