Alps Winter Climbing

Alpine Ice Climbing Courses, Guiding and Coaching
Ice Climbing is one of the most exhilerating sports. It allows climbers to travel into an ever changing maze of ice. Each climb is unique, each season and day a different ice climb. With the help of focused coaching the ice climber can quickerly progress to more challenging climbs. Movement over ice with crampons and Ice Axes is essential to master. There is no room for error. Through close supervision and coaching we will allow you to fullfill your aspirations and potential.

All meet at a mutually aranged place, normally Twid’s House, and a plan is then made with the current weather, avalanche forescasts along with the ice conditions in mind. The venues may change during the week to allow the best of the conditions to be had. Typically at least two main ice climbing venues are visited. All areas are maximum of 2 hrs drive from Twid’s house. Many very close. All venues offer a wide range of grades and lengths of routes from grade II to VI.

Each week is tailored to the customers needs. It will cover all aspects of climbing and be aimed at making the climber self sufficiant. The persons needs will be fullfilled based on their experience, ability and aspirations. To lead it is generally expected that there will be at least two clients. While leading the Guide prefers to opporate on a seperate rope to offer greater security.

  • Axe and crampon placement
  • Coaching movement and leading
  • Ice protection
  • All ropework
  • Abseiling off ice routes inc ice threads
  • Choosing an ice route and use of guide books.
  • Avalanche awerness



From bases: Villars-Champery,Mauvasion, Arolla,Zinal. Kandersteg- Grindelwald- Simplon pass Saas Fee


Base-Cogne Access to many areas around the Aosta area: Valsaverence;Valnotay, Val Greisance, Gressoney


Base-La Grave Access to many valleys near La Grave including Briancon, Argentere, Celliac Chamonix- Argentere glacier, Valley Blanche, Porte du Soliel area, Meageve, St Gervais



Guiding fee plus expenses email for prices Expenses-Fuel, accommodation for Guide away from home, lifts, food away from home.

Whats Included

Guiding Fee Use of any technical gear Use of vehicule

Whats Not Included

Fuel based on replace what is used. Travel to initail meeting point. Accommodation costs Insurance



You can climb stunning ice easily reached from a car or Hotel. Many valley ice routes grade3-6, 10min to 2 hrs approach. 100% reliable conditions. Ideal to learn leading on. Coach steeper ice techniques. ratio 1:3 Max

Coulior/gully Climbing

Climb Scottish style gullies in the Mountains. Ski or snowshoe approach. Ice and mixed climbing. Avalanche skills. Ratio 1:2 max. Many options from Chamonix.

North Face

Major North Face climbing. single or multi day pushes, classic North faces Doites, Courtes, Jorrasse, Mont Blanc. ratio 1:1 Max.