Gudauri caucus Georgia


Ski with the back drop to the Caucus Mountains, many being 5000m. Georgia has skiing which is quiet and backwater but the terrain to rival most High Alpine ski resorts. It offers a large area of off piste skiing with 1500m plus freeride drops and amazing powder. The resort lifts give wide access to a huge area of ski touring and perfect ski summits. With in a short drive there are endkess possibilities of ski touring on all angles of slopes and plenty of trees, that give good options in bad weather and poor vis. The ski touring offers adventure, perfect skiing challenges and solitude.

Lift access off piste/ Touring

Gudauri has 6 lifts that take you from 2000m to 3250m and offer plenty of excellent piste skiing. Theres is plenty of off piste skiing to get even the die hard free rider chomping at the bit to jump back on the lift. Approximate price per day is 20euros a day.  5 days is 60 euros. The lifts offer some amazing freeride runs down valleys, some 1500m drops. Its easy to organise a taxi to pick up, after the runs, in the more remote road heads

Ski Touring from the road

With 20minutes and 30 minutes theres a lifetime of ski touring. You can take in summits, ridges and journey over mountain ranges. Its a safe bet to say you will be alone and expect virgin snow to carve your signiture. The various aspects, steepness and tree covered mountains can allow fir a variety of touring options.

Potential Programme 9 days 7 days skiing. Saturday to Sunday.

  • Arrive at Tiblisi Airport, Georgia. Transfer to the Guduari
  • Ski Off piste for a day from the resort
  • Take in some of the bigger Freerise drops and a short summit ski tour
  • Ski Tour/ Off Piste for 2 days
  • Heli drop potentially
  • Last ski transfer to Tiblisi
  • Cultural day innTiblisi and fly home

Weather and Conditions

Feb/ March good for powder skiing  and Touring slightly colder temperature and weather patterns to the Western Alps. March /April excellent for touring and going into the higher mountains.

Heli ski option

There is a big heli ski opporation in the area and many good peaks to access via chopper. Costs are a fraction to the Western Alps. Ideal for tired legs on one day should you fancy a bit of a lift!

Getting There

Easy with flights to Tiblisi via most major European Airports. Turkish Airlines iffer very reasonable prices with a change in  Istanbul. With a 30kg bag allowance included often in the price. £200 to £320 depending on the week and how early you book.

Its about a 2 hour taxi transfer to the ski area. Its possible to hire a car also which can offer fkexibility for ski touring and cultural visits.

Accommodation and food

There are plenty of Hotel options and plenty of self catering appartments.There are restaurants at the ski area and costs are about 1/2 price of average Western Ski Areas. A pint of beer is around £2.90.