Technical 1:1 eg Matterhorn, Eiger, Badile

Climbing as a pair on a long route in the Alps that arrives at a quiet summit with full 360 surround vista is a special thing. To climb many routes of Grade AD+ , D and TD will take 6 to 10 hours to a summit and involve sustaind climbing involving pitched and moving together alpine techniques. This terrain is not for non climbers but people who have rock climbed, possibly winter and Alpine peaks before. Technical summits require good fitness and acclimatisation. A week of climbing often builds up to a ‘ Big route’ like the Matterhorn, Eiger or Badile.

Typical Programme ratio 1 to 1 6 days
Day 1 Climb a long rock ridge eg MirriorArgentine, South Ridge of Salbit
Day 2 Climb to a high Mountain hut. Possible skills training on route.
Day 3 Climb a technical ice route on a 4000m peak eg Northfaces of Lenzspitze or GranParadiso.
Day 4 Climb the North Face of the Allainhorn off a lift or Long rock route on the Jegihorn
Day 5 Climb to a high Mountain Hut
Day 6 Climb the Matterhorn , Eiger, Dent Blanche etc


Day 4 Climb a long rock route in Val D Aosta 12 pitches travel to Bregalia.
Day 5 Climb the Cassin route on the North face of the Badile.
Day 6 Climb an Ice route on the North Face of the Tacul off the Midi lift.

Traverse of the Mirrior Argentine 12hr day


Guides fee £350 a day plus expenses plus client expenses
Expenses hut nights, food, fuel and cableways.
Chalet nights at Twid’s are free.